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Volusia Literacy Council

A non-profit organization that provides free tutoring for adults in reading, writing and math.
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Providing the adults of Volusia County the language skills they need to thrive in our community



We have some amazing tutors that really dedicate the time to making sure you are learning.


Family Literacy

Thought selected PACT kits, we work together to cultivate a love for reading and reinforce the importance of learning in the home.


This program provides help with citizenship questions, practicing the citizenship interview and offers information on the citizenship process.

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The Volusia Literacy Council is a United Way partner agency specializing in one-on-one and small group tutoring of adults who perform literacy skills below the 9th grade level. Students are registered and assessed in order to develop free, customized learning programs conducted by trained volunteer tutors.

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Adults with low-level literacy skills face many challenges each day. Simple tasks such as paying bills, applying for employment, or helping their children with their homework can be frightening. Often feeling ashamed and alone, the adults typically try to hide their lack of skills even from close friends and family.

By helping these adults improve their literacy skills, the Volusia Literacy Council can bring about amazing changes in their quality of life. New opportunities open up for them as parents, employees, and members of their communities.

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Our Mission

To provide adults education tutoring services to individuals and families performing literacy skills below the ninth grade level in the areas of reading, writing, math, ESL [English as a Second Language] and workplace skills.  

Our Tutors

 Our volunteer-based program can serve about 200-250 students per year.  Our volunteer tutors are high-school graduates, and nearly all have some level of continued education, including master’s and doctoral degrees. We offer training, supervision and provide them with up-to-date materials. These tutors do not get paid, and they work – collectively – more than 12,000 hours per year. If we paid them by market value, their salaries alone would be more than $250,000. One dedicated tutor who has been with us since 1987 calculates that he has helped 57 students over the years.  Another long-time tutor estimates that she has helped more than 60 students.


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Annual Spelling Bee returns spring 2025


Coming this August 2024

Returning in late fall of 2024


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I can tutor your child and ensure they remain proficient in their core subjects, and enjoy learning along the way. I am a time served and qualified teaching professional, and I‘m ready now to help.

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